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The organization has served many purposes for the 48 years.  Some of the most recent accomplishments have been:

  • Partnership in the development of the Tallgrass Prairie Auto Tour CD for promotion of tourism to the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve which were marketed at several locations in Pawhuska, currently marketed by Weigants Pharmacy, over 1200 CD’s sold.
  • Sale of  the carpet factory building in 1997 to CRS and current efforts to market and resell the building.
  • Sale of downtown building to Ray Redcorn/Jerry Myers – which now houses the Buffalo Nickel, a multi-media production firm with 8 employees and global business clients.
  • OCIA provided a seed grant to the Osage County Tourism group to develop a website and marketing brochure. The Tourism Board created a website, www.visittheosage.com  which provides details on attractions, recreation sites, lodging and meals on the Osage Reservation/County.
  • Support for the passage of Osage County Lodging Tax – creation of the Tourism Oversight Committee, county wide marketing, and tourist attractions.
  • Support for the passage of TriCounty ad valorem tax for Pawhuska District
  • Partnership in Pawhuska downtown revitalization projects – Tiger III grant, Downtown Master Streetscape Plan, (Phase I has been funded).
  • Collaborated with the Osage Nation for Federal Highway Administration Scenic Byway funding for the Osage Nation Heritage Trail Scenic Byway.  The Byway is now a recognized Oklahoma Scenic Byway, US-60 which begins at the outskirts of Bartlesville on the east through downtown Pawhuska to outskirts of Ponca City on the west.   The product of the funding was the Master Corridor Plan, with recommendations for the development of the byway. The Scenic Byway designation has provided an opportunity to apply for federal funds available for projects for all Osage County communities on and near the byway annually
  • Completion of the 2030 Osage County Comprehensive Plan
  • Pawhuska Business Development Center – collaboration of number of partners and grant funds, City, County, OCIA, Osage Nation, and TriCounty to build a $2 million, 20,000 sq.  Facility which has bays and office spaces to accommodate startup businesses, as well as classrooms for training and long distance learning.
  • OCIA is responsible for providing high speed Broadband Internet Service (100 mbs) to the Pawhuska Business Development Center for current clients and to attract additional businesses to the Center.
  • OCIA is the lead organization of the Osage County Broadband Group to research the best and most cost effective way to provide high speed Broadband Internet Service to the local communities and rural areas of Osage County.
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